Sacrifice: The Globalist Elites Prime Advantage


Globalist elites, however one wishes to define them, understand the nature of sacrifice. It is through this understanding that they manage to achieve their ambitions.

As I have written about in other blog posts, their ultimate goal is complete centralisation of both the financial and governmental system. Many other researchers report the same findings, but provide less information on the psychology behind it.

Globalist elites must set about destroying the current layer of centralisation that is in place today. Examples being the European Union and the Euro currency. These and other manifestations represent a stage in the process. They are not designed to exist indefinitely.

The elites have no allegiance to a country, no identity through sovereignty. So destroying nations and their economies has no emotional bearing on them.

In the midst of sacrificing their own creation to advance what they have already achieved to a greater level, they will set up the necessary diversion to convince the public that responsibility lies with the patsy of the hour.

Blame is key. Of immeasurable importance. The reason globalists need to own the system and control the output from government, financial and media institutions is so they can control and manipulate the narrative.

So let’s look at this in the context of the US election:

Two issues are brewing at present, threatening to spill over. One is the conflict in Syria, the other a financial crisis. If the elites are going to advance one or the other, or both, they must have in place the figures of blame for the public to throw scorn on.

This is why, to some extent, this gives you and I an advantage over them. Everything they set out to accomplish takes time. The agenda they continue to work on stretches back well over a hundred years. Every crisis is a plan. And a plan takes time to get off the table. If you’re perceptive you can measure their ambitions by what plays out in the mainstream – again, a process – and take the opportunity to make preparations for a period of calamity. Whether that is buying supplies of food and water or investing in precious metals.

The elites rarely spring a crisis out of nothing onto people. Those who research and understand the machinations of their intent realise time is actually the one thing that can be used against them.

Coming back to Syria and the financial markets, let’s first look at what US Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley said earlier this month regarding those who position themselves as being opposed to the US (the false East / West paradigm):

Here Milley threatens to beat America’s enemies down ‘harder than they’ve ever been beaten before.’ Enough people – those who primarily digest the mainstream media over independents – will view Milley’s comments as the US military defending the nation against prospective terrorists. As such, the US comes out of it as the non-guilty party, protecting itself aginst ‘Russian Aggression’ or ‘Islamic Extremism’. It is all about positioning.

What’s interesting here is how, military speaking, the US goes on the offensive. They seek to remind people that they have the weaponry and are in no fear of using it if provoked. Key word – provoked. Provocation can be engineered. But when the media reports such provocation, immediately the US is painted as the target and not the aggressor.

On a political level, there is no discernible difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton that could change the course of the narrative playing out on Syria. Both advocate bombing the Middle East further to ‘eradicate ISIS’. Which is why if the conflict is to escalate, it will do so under either presidency.

If it is to be war with Russia, then it can be brought about under Clinton or Trump.

Financially speaking, however, the tone is different. Central banks continue to pump faux money into the system to keep it afloat. But recently they have begun to whisper quiet discontent that they cannot go on being ‘the only game in town’.

For now they are, and the gullibility of markets means no one within them seriously believes that they will ever pull the plug. Because to do that means a collapse. These same people are clueless as to how the elites go about their business. Collapse is not to be avoided. It is essential. But, again, when the timing is right.

For the moment, the Bank For International Settlements (BIS) along with the likes of the IMF are defending the system. Whereas in Syria the US is seen as being on the front foot. General Milley’s vitriol is far removed from that of central banks. He stokes the flames of war. IMF chief Christine Lagarde is there to quell any fear of financial conflict. But not forever.

The IMF, the BIS, every central bank in the game, will have no problem withdrawing their support of financial markets. But what they cannot do is make it appear to people that by withdrawing that support it was responsible for crashing the system. Then they get the blame.

This is exactly why they need the relevant diversion. Something that the masses can point to and say it’s their fault. Something that accentuates the false left / right political paradigm. Something that sews division. Step forward Donald Trump and the rising band of ‘Nationalists’ both in America and Europe.

There is no significant advancement of the globalist agenda without conflict and division. The elites understand this. I believe they also understand the potential of having Trump in as President. Who better to crash the economy under than a man who declares himself a ‘Patriot’?

In instigating conflict, it is necessary to undo a lot of the centralised measures that are currently in place. The elites will happily allow nations to scrap it out and inflict damage upon one another. When the crisis reaches a tipping point, unsullied institutions like the IMF – in the eyes of the public – can be responsible for the solution.

This is where the globalists have one over on the rest of humanity. They are willing – down to their bone marrow – to sacrifice much of what you see today. Even to the point of destroying the US Dollar and the US itself. They have no loyalty, no compassion. They will readily sacrifice the now to achieve the future.

People outside of this clique are of a different mindset. For us, sacrificing something means to give something up, to be willing to forgo home and creature comforts – material goods, consumerism – in order to formulate resistance to the globalist agenda. For decades people have been instilled with the belief – through their very own media – to believe that more is good, that you should always be desiring the next product and the escapism of entertainment.

People have allegiance. That’s the difference. They have loyalty – if not to brands then to a political ideology that is fundamental in maintaining division. It may not be to things that matter in the long run, but they have a vested interest in not wanting to relinquish these things. That’s because they identify themselves through them. They gave up being individuals – perhaps unknowingly – for a globalist state that requires similarity amongst citizens.

The cause of a problem – the elites – ends up becoming the solution to it. The very definition of subversion. But achievable only when you have outright control over what are currently sovereign nations. Sovereignty is the elites bugbear. It must be obliterated to fully centralise world power. Notice that the narrative for identifying with your nation state is now being subverted to paint such people as racist, xenophobic and ‘populist’.

When it comes time to pull the system from under people, the elites will do so with no remorse, no sense of sadness at the destitution that will follow. But watch how when people cry for a reprieve, a solution, the same elites that instigated the crisis will offer that solution.

It is then that the globalist elites take full control, and break what little resistance we will have left.



  1. Good analysis. The elite always use war and financial crashes to advance their agenda. Whichever puppet is selected in the US is likely there to take a fall. My only criticism is your failure to identify the overwhelmingly Jewish / zionist nature of the elite. Their ownership or control of virtually everything – media, politicians, banking, education etc etc cannot be denied at this point. They have always been opposed to nation states and always acted as a fifth column in every country. If we don’t identify the problem I’m not sure how we get to a solution.


    • Thank you for your comment Paddy. I am aware of the scale of Jewish and Zionist infiltration within the system as a whole. I wanted to keep the article as more of an overview of how things are playing out in the public eye. At present, with so many narratives and variables coming together at once, I want to try and expose the nature of their intent, which I think is entirely manipulated. I fully agree that zionism is central to that, but convincing people to connect events that are happening together is where I want to concentrate. I am also conscious of word length – my longer articles tend to slip by unseen. Shorter ones are read by more people and shared around better.


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