Donald Trump: A Script Written by the Globalist Elites


Two weeks ago I published an article, ‘Brexit’ and President Trump: The Bank That Adjoins Them Together, in which I discussed the role of the Bank For International Settlements in the run up to the US election. This secretive ‘central bank for central banks’ is meeting on the 7th and 8th of November in Washington DC – along with the World Bank and the Bank of Canada – for it’s Sixth Joint Public Investors Conference.

In my post, I drew a correlation between this meeting, which concludes on the day of the election, and the ‘Brexit’ UK referendum back on June 23rd 2016. As people began casting their vote in Britain, the BIS (Bank For International Settlements) were gathering in Lucerne, Switzerland, for their 15th Annual Conference.

I believe the timing of the investors conference in Washington – just as millions are casting their vote – is far from a coincidence, as I explained in detail in the article.

As we know, the vote for the referendum came down on the side of leave, representing – on the surface – the first major public opposition to globalism the western world has seen. Earlier this month I debated in another article, ‘Brexit’: A Globalist Entrapment?, that a leave vote was the intended consequence for the referendum.

I came to this conclusion by focusing primarily on what the end goal is for the globalist elites that control our governments and financial institutions. Namely, the complete centralisation of global power – through world governance, a world central bank, a world currency and a world army.

My belief is that these goals cannot be achieved without creating division and conflict within both the political sphere and between differing ideologies throughout society. Exactly the reason why I think Donald Trump will be announced as the next President of the United States.

This would create phase two of what is an ongoing project by the elites to create the perception in people that globalism is under threat by a widespread nationalist sect of populists who are intent on preserving the national sovereignty of countries by closing themselves off to the world and the plight of war torn regions. They are what’s known as protectionists, of which Hillary Clinton recently described as Donald Trump’s ‘basket of deplorables’.

Central to this theory is the preservation of the false right / left political paradigm. The sentiment of Conservatism is gradually being manipulated into place as the villain in this pantomime.

The greatest card that the globalist elites have to play is that of the financial system (which I discussed in this post, What Will Trigger the Bursting of the Bubble?). A system which is only being kept alive by the continual support of central bank intervention and the creation of money out of thin air. The IMF and other figureheads have been setting the narrative in recent weeks and months about how central banks cannot go on being ‘the only game in town’.

I believe the globalists are preparing the conditions for the beginning of a market collapse, but will only execute their plan once the necessary diversion for such an event is in place. That diversion is Donald Trump.

Going back over a hundred years, a concerted effort has been in place to centralise power throughout the world. To slowly but systematically dismantle individual sovereignty, to create a borderless planet that manifests behind the false facade of globalism being about ‘integration‘ and ‘working together for the greater good.’

Barack Obama himself said back in August this year that, ‘We are part of a global economy. We are not reversing that…It can’t be reversed.’

We are eight days away from the next intended President being a man who, according to his word, is going to reverse it. In a rally on October 22nd, Donald Trump gave a speech about what he intends to accomplish in his first 100 days in office. Here are a selection:

  • Renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement or withdraw from it
  • Withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership
  • Cancel billions in payments to U.N. climate change programs
  • Five-year-ban on White House and Congressional officials becoming lobbyists
  • Lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying for foreign governments
  • Complete ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for American elections
  • Cancel Obama’s ‘unconstitutional’ executive actions
  • Cancel all federal funding to ‘sanctuary cities’ that harbor illegal immigrants
  • Begin removing the 2 million criminal illegal immigrants from the U.S
  • Suspend immigration from terror-prone regions where incoming people can’t be properly vetted.
  • Tax cuts and Trade reform
  • Allow parents to choose any public, private, charter, magnet, religious or home school; ends the ‘Common Core’ federal standard.
  • Repeal and Replace Obamacare Act
  • ‘End Illegal Immigration Act’: Funds a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, establishes 2-year mandatory minimum federal prison sentence for illegally re-entering the U.S. after deportation, 5-year mandatory minimum for felons who illegally re-enter, and 5 years for coming back after multiple deportations; increases penalties for overstaying visas

What all these pledges have in common is that, if implemented, they would undo the last eight years of Barack Obama’s Presidency and the drive towards greater centralisation through globalism. Given that elections are decided by institutions that control the money supply, do we honestly think that will ever be allowed to happen? Ask yourself why these same bodies would want to renege on what they have achieved in the last eight years, in favour of breaking apart the globalist ideal. The answer is that they have no intention of doing so.

Now let’s look over some of the other pledges from Trump’s speech, which far from admonishing globalism, actually reinforce it:

  • Order the secretary of the treasury to label China a ‘currency manipulator’
  • Lift restrictions on the production of $50 trillion dollars’ worth of U.S. energy reserves including shale, oil, natural gas and coal
  • Approve the Keystone XL pipeline project and other ‘vital energy infrastructure projects’
  • ‘Restoring Community Safety Act’: Creates a Task Force On Violent Crime, increases federal funding of police forces and boosts federal support for anti-gang prosecutions
  • ‘Restoring National Security Act’: Eliminates the federal defense ‘sequester’ to restore military funding, institutes new defenses against cyber-attacks

As witnessed through the Presidential debates, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are in favour of more powers for the military and law enforcement. Indeed, Trump wants to completely rebuild the military, providing them with new equipment in the name of ‘National Security’. What it really represents is a first line of defence between the people and their rulers. Trump and Clinton too support a continued bombing campaign in the middle east to ‘irradiate ISIS‘. They also agree on the position of China as being a ‘currency manipulator‘, which fits into the false East / West paradigm playing out on the world stage.

It should be noted as well that at no time during this election season has Donald Trump broached the subject of the Federal Reserve and how money is created. He has not spoken about how ISIS is a creation of the West – trained, funded and supplied with weaponry in a proxy war against Syria. Alternative media long ago exposed the true nature of why the conflict in Syria is happening, as they have also exposed the role of central banks in oppressing its citizens. Donald Trump has been silent on either issue. He speaks of ‘draining the swamp‘ and cleaning up corruption in Washington. But two central facets of corruption, in money creation and western backed terrorist networks, are off limits.

So what is going on here? Let’s consider the possibility that even though I think he will be announced as the next President, Donald Trump may never actually assume the role. Remember that the ‘Brexit’ vote on June 23rd was not a vote to leave the EU. It was a declaration from a majority of 52% (manipulated or otherwise) saying that they WANT to leave the union. The process of doing so takes years to fulfill. Years in which many different events can come along in the meantime and turn public opinion away from vacating the EU. Prime Minister Theresa May has signaled that Article 50 – formally declaring the UK’s intention to leave – will be initiated in March 2017. Will it happen? I think it will but it’s far from certain.

The situation is the same with Donald Trump. If he is selected as President, there remains a 10 week window in which Obama maintains his role at the Oval office. The day after the EU referendum, markets suffered violent volatility. A far worse reaction is all but guaranteed if Trump ‘wins‘ the election. Depending on the severity of a collapse, it is possible that Trump can do just as much damage to the system without ever being officially inaugurated.

My belief is that Trump will be inaugurated. Think of it as some dastardly fiction writer brainstorming for ways in which the faux anti globalist character of Trump is of benefit to the globalist elites and their plans for world centralisation. So often in this game the scale of subversion and double speak is over-whelming. The opposite usually runs true. Up is down. Right is left. But never forget the central tenet of what the elites want to achieve in the long term. Their ability to manipulate, to deceive, to create false paths, is well known.

What has bemused me more over time is the reaction from figures in alternative media in regards to both Trump and ‘Brexit’. I recall back in June that the majority of independent analysts in favour of a leave vote had little hope it would come to pass. They said the elites would most likely rig it in favour of a remain vote. By saying that, they recognised that they have the power to do such things. However, when leave was announced victorious, the same figures were quick to conclude that this represented a turning of the tide. A rebellion against the globalists. This was the people saying no to the bureaucratic power of the EU.

It didn’t occur to them that if the globalists have the ability to manipulate the vote, that automatically gives them the ability to manipulate it either way. Seemingly very few if any within independent journalism want to consider that as a possibility. But as I have outlined in numerous posts, the evidence is there to suggest that ‘Brexit’ was a necessary step to creating a wider, nationalist movement to challenge globalism. Which in turn creates the division and conflict needed to further the elite’s plans of even greater centralisation.

As I write this, you have the same alternative media outlets saying that all Donald Trump represents is a stalking horse for Hillary Clinton. She is the chosen one. She will be President no matter what. Some of Trump’s own supporters concede that the vote will be rigged in favour of Hillary Clinton.

If Clinton is chosen, the vitriol will be enormous. Trump’s followers will cry foul. The vote was rigged. She bought the election through Wall Street.

But if it’s Trump then the reaction will be the total opposite. Independent news sites will crow that the people of America came through. They rejected globalism. They chose freedom and Trump’s promise to ‘Make America Great Again’. The suggestion that the elites selected Donald Trump for the role will not be entertained. Despite them having the ability to do so.

It is quite possibly the ultimate form of reverse psychology. Manipulate people to think that the result they don’t want represents sabotage, whilst also making them believe that if what they do want is achieved it is because the people chose it to be so. The failure to look at events objectively stems from people who are either unwilling or unable to see beyond the hysteria, and have allowed themselves to be caught up in the drama.

Donald Trump cruelly plays on the last vestiges of hope of a nation that thinks freedom and prosperity can be achieved through the right man in charge. His supporters believe he says all the right things, just as eight years ago Barack Obama’s fan base thought he was saying all the right things. There is an immeasurable chasm between what a candidate says and what candidate does. And yet voters persist in taking who is placed before them at their word.

If following Trump’s victory the globalists instigate the makings of a financial collapse, all eyes will turn on who is to blame. The strawman for such a scenario has already been created. It is Donald Trump and his ‘basket of deplorables’.

Then it begins. Globalism vs Independence. With the faux anti Globalist Trump leading the team for independence, the fight is lost before it has even begun.


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