Plantation before the Bloom?

A series of events in September have preceded the end of the Jubilee year on October 2nd

Back in June and July of this year we witnessed a series of attacks throughout Europe that ranged from the truck massacre in Nice to a spate of stabbings and shootings in both France and Germany. During the same time frame the pulse nightclub in Florida was attacked by a gunman with the West’s golden chariot ‘ISIS’ taking responsibility. Soon afterwards multiple police officers were shot and killed in Dallas during a protest.

The narrative put out by mainstream media at the time was that Islamist inspired terrorists had begun a campaign against the West, breaching boarders and creating a general sense of fear and unease amongst the public. The story in particular focus was that of the ‘Lone Wolf’ – the disgruntled young man or woman who seeks to destroy our way of life. The idea implanted into people’s minds was that the ‘Lone Wolf’ may strike anywhere at anytime. So went the propaganda.

Then came August and the Olympic games. A period in which ISIS were seemingly granted annual leave whilst the West continued to promote their cause through mainstream media outlets, by way of case studies on particular group ‘members’ and warnings of possible further attacks. In short, August passed without anything major happening.

Then came September and the beginning of October, in which a plethora of events came together in very quick succession. Here is a run down of some of them, starting with America:

  • Hillary Clinton’s ‘collapse’ at the 9/11 memorial in New York on September 11th
  • A bombing in New York
  • A bombing in New Jersey
  • A stabbing in Minnesota – claimed by ‘ISIS’
  • A stabbing in Boston
  • A shooting in Illinois
  • A shooting in Charlotte, North Carolina where Police killed Keith Scott
  • A shooting in Houston
  • A shooting in Washington
  • A shooting at an Elementary school in South Carolina
  • The first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
  • Obama vetoing the JASTA (Justice Against Sponsers of Terrorism Act) bill which amongst other things would allow 9/11 victim’s families to sue the Saudi Arabian government for any involvement
  • Congress then vetoed the veto meaning JASTA will be signed into law. This is the first time Obama has been vetoed during his presidency
  • The Internet Corporation Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) – the internet’s technical functions – passed from U.S Administration control to the control of a multilateral body. The contract with Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has now been taken over by ICANN

Now on to events in Europe:

  • An explosion in Budapest
  • A shooting in Sweden
  • A bombing in Dresden
  • A shooting at a supermarket in Paris
  • A warning from EU counter terrorism chief Gilles de Kerchove that ISIS are planning attacks using car bombs and chemicals
  • The U.S. Department of Justice fining German bank Deutsche Bank $14 billion to settle investigations related to mortgage backed securities
  • Deutsche Bank’s share price steadily collapsing amidst talk of a state funded bail out of the bank

Outside of the West the Syrian army was attacked in Syria by the US military, killing over 60 soldiers. Hours after this a bomb went off in New York, wiping it from the headlines. Then came an attack on an aid convoy headed for Aleppo, which the Americans have blamed on the Russians. The Russians deny any involvement. Next came an attack by Russia on a foreign military operations room in Syria, which killed 30 Israeli and Western officers. This has received no mainstream coverage at all.

What has garnered more attention is the death of former Israeli president Shimon Peres on the 28th September. His funeral took place in Israel on Friday 30th, amongst a gathering of world leaders including Barack Obama, Francois Hollande and also UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

Other notable happenings included:

  • A meeting of OPEC oil suppliers, which ended with no immediate agreement on a production freeze or reduced supply. However, it was apparently agreed that OPEC will settle production levels at the next formal meeting in November. This would be the first reduction in eight years.
  • Warren Buffett joined the likes of George Soros and Jacob Rothschild in positioning themselves against a stock market crash.
  • The World Trade Organisation (WTO) cut its global forecast by a third, saying this is the first time in 15 years that international commerce will fall below GDP. Their original forecast for 2016 was 2.8% growth. It is now 1.7%. The WTO’s forecast for 2017 has also been drastically cut, from 3.6% growth to between 1.8% and 3.1%.
  • On October 1st, the IMF officially inducted China’s currency, the Renminbi, into it’s Special Drawing Rights of basket currencies. It joins existing currencies of the Dollar, Sterling, the Euro and the Japanese Yen.

Finally, and leading into the second part of this article, Daily Telegraph writer Ambrose Evans Pritchard wrote a piece about the dangers of an imminent stock market collapse. He said ‘the next traumatic episode may entail the greatest debt jubilee in history’.

The key word here is ‘Jubilee.’

Through the work of Jeff Berwick at the Dollar Vigilante, I recently discovered something known as the ‘Shemitah.’ In 2012 Jonathan Cahn wrote a book called ‘The Harbinger’, which detailed Shemitah cycles and when they occur.

Shemitah is an ancient timing from the bible, with its meaning tied to Judaism. A Shemitah cycle happens once every 7 years, but when the cycle reaches the 7th Shemitah out of 7 (after 49 years), it results in what is known as a ‘Jubilee Year’. And because the Jubilee follows the 7th Shemitah, it becomes the 50th year in the cycle. An extension of the Shemitah.

The 7th Shemitah ended on 13th September 2015. The end of this Shemitah began the 70th Jubilee year, which finishes on October 2nd 2016 (tomorrow).

Here is a brief overview of some other interesting aspects that relate to the Shemitah:

  • Shemitah dates are kept on the Hebrew Calendar, with Shemitah end days having previously corresponded with stock market collapses and other world events.
  • Deuteronomy 15: 1-2 of the bible reads:
At the end of the seven years you will make a release.
And this is the manner of the release:  
to release the hand of every creditor
from what he lent his friend;
he shall not extract from his friend or his brother,
because the time of the release
for the L-rd has arrived
  • According to the bible, Jewish people are supposed to forgive debts every 7 years
  • The last 2 major market collapses happened on the exact end day of the Shemitah, in 2001 and 2008
  • After the 7th Shemitah in 2015, markets worldwide suffered their worst quarter since the last Shemitah in 2008
  • 2015 was the worst year in markets for 7 years
  • 2015 was also the worst year to make money out of the stock market in 78 years – in other words, since the Great Depression in 1937
  • 2015 was also the year when the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, the Bank of International Settlements and Citibank all warned of an imminent economic crisis
  • In January 2016, 3 months into the Jubilee year, stock markets around the world recorded their worst ever opening to a year on record. Oil prices also began to fall heavily, along with the decline of the Chinese economy
  • Also in January, George Soros warned of an impending crisis in the markets. The Bank of International Settlements said that markets could be on the verge of a global debt crisis. The Royal Bank of Scotland came out and warned of 2016 being a potentially ‘cataclysmic’ year

Tying in with the Jubilee theme is an event which began on December 8th 2015. It was then that Pope Francis unexpectedly declared an emergency Jubilee year. Catholic Holy Jubilee years usually take place every 25 years (the next was due in 2025), unless the Pope at the time decrees an extraordinary one to bring attention to a particular subject. Pope Francis declared this emergency Jubilee, which concludes on November 20th 2016, to be a ‘Jubilee of Mercy’, with the theme of ‘Mercy before the Judgement’.

Pope Francis said at the time:

While the world starves, burns, and descends further into chaos, we should realise that this year’s Christmas celebrations, for those who choose to celebrate it may be their last

What he meant by this thinly veiled threat is impossible to know for certain. Is it significant that this emergency Jubilee ends before the Christmas period?

So where do we stand as of now – October 1st, 2016?

The Jubilee year officially ends tomorrow, October 2nd. Some key aspects to consider is both the conflict in Syria – which is gradually drawing towards some sort of conflict between America and Russia – and also the increasing expectation of a stock market collapse triggered by the fall of Deutsche Bank in Germany.

Whether you are willing to give credence to the Shemitah concept or not is up to you. But it cannot be denied that at the end of 7 year Shemitah cycles we have seen massive volatility and the bursting of several financial bubbles – the most recent being the crash of 2008.

On Friday, markets closed on a rumour that Deutsche Bank had reached an agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice on paying significantly less than the original $14 billion liability issued to them. But no one from the side of Deutsche Bank or the German government have confirmed or denied the rumour. It is also being reported that Germany cannot afford to bail out Deutsche Bank if it were required.

The share price has only one way to go if voices remain silent come Monday morning, and that is down. And the further it is driven down, the greater likelihood the bank will quickly unravel.

So a potential trigger point exists here to begin what would be a catastrophic financial event that would spread throughout the world economy. Or perhaps the bank will be bailed out, and the crash that has been building over the last 8 years will happen not now but in 2017, after the US election.

It is all a question of timing, and what trigger events can be maximised the most to move the globalist elites closer to their eventual goal of a world government, a world currency, a world central bank and a cashless financial system.

Is Deutsche bank the vehicle to further the process along? A possible link to this story is the unexpected death (one assumes) of former Israeli president Shimon Peres, and how his funeral on Friday presented the opportunity for world leaders and statesmen to gather all in the one place. How is that relevant? Hours before the ‘Brexit’ vote came through in the UK back in June, elites within the world of finance gathered to meet at the Bank of International Settlements. Next came the ‘shock’ return of a leave vote. It is a common theme that when meetings are called suddenly, bringing key figures together, a plan of some description is very close to be executed.

Bare in mind as well that the whole concept of the Shemitah is rooted in Judaism, the majority religion in Israel. Perhaps it is only a coincidence. Time will tell.

Remember too that the Chinese Renminbi has just been included in the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights of basket currencies. A clear signal of the intent to weaken the Dollar’s hegemony as the world’s reserve currency. And a further escalation of the false east / west paradigm. The JASTA bill in the U.S. also has the potential for Saudi Arabia to begin dumping U.S. bonds, which could lead to an eventual collapse of the dollar.

It is probably no coincidence that tensions between America and Russia over Syria have ratcheted up at the same exact time that the stock market begins to show signs of concern over Deutsche Bank. It will not be just me who is expecting to wake up one morning to the news that a Russian or American war plane has been blown out of the sky in Syria, with one blaming the other for the incident and declaring it an act of war.

Something else to keep in mind, as noted before in a previous blog post, is how in January 1988 the Rothschild controlled Economist magazine ran a feature about how the world should ‘Get ready for a world currency by 2018’. The cover image was of a Phoenix rising out of the ashes of burning U.S. dollars.

If this was indeed a warning hidden in plain sight, then the process towards a world currency becoming a reality by 2018 would need to begin now. There exists multiple different trigger points that, if utilised, could set us on the path towards the collapse of national currencies.

It is my belief that markets will function in a state of increased volatility up to the U.S. elections in November – with Deutsche Bank surviving in the near term at least. I think Donald Trump will be given the presidency, thereby ensuring the necessary level of division (divide and rule) within societies the world over. Markets are most likely going to begin collapsing in 2017 with Trump officially inaugurated.

What must be remembered here is that for the globalist elites to be successful in their endeavors, they need the correct fall guy. An excuse that draws attention away from them and onto the very thing that has been manipulated to cause divide and rule. I believe they will achieve this goal.

The false left / right paradigm is their greatest play. The impending stock market collapse and resultant societal disorder will be pinned squarely on the right of the paradigm – Republicans, Conservatives – and most notably Donald Trump himself. The precedent for this has already been set with the ‘Brexit’ vote in the UK, which has widely been seen by a propagandised public as a racist response to immigration. Classic divide and rule.

So whilst I don’t think the Jubilee year will culminate in a financial collapse, the events that came before in September and are yet to come are significant to the globalist elite’s agenda. This is all about setting the conditions, positioning the right people in the right place at the right time.

I think that time is 2017 under the presidency of Donald Trump.

What do you think? Thank you for reading.

**Last edited at 9.20pm BST, October 1st**


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