Geoengineering? A Holding Pattern? A Training Exercise? Why did The UK’s Mirror Newspaper Leave this Skyline Open to Question?

Attribution: Mystery vapour trails seen in the skies above North Wales

On May 3rd this year, just 4 weeks ago, The Mirror newspaper in Britain ran a story about what they termed ‘bizarre vapour trails’ over the A55 motorway in North Wales.

Here is the story in full, written by Eryl Crump and Joshua Nevett: Mystery aircraft stuns onlookers after bizarre vapour trail leaves people stumped over what it was

A mysterious aircraft circling the skies over a motorway in Wales has left drivers perplexed.

Bizarre streams of vapour trails were pictured scattered across the skies as baffled motorists drove along the A55 at Rhuallt near St Asaph this morning.

Another unidentified aircraft, possibly the same one, was also spotted over the Llyn Peninsula.

Some suggest the aircraft could be a commercial flight circling the sky while it waits for clearance to land at a nearby airport.

But a search of two real-time flight information websites found no sign of any aircraft flying over North Wales at the time, the Daily Post reports .

A motorist said: “The aircraft was flying in wide circles as I drove along the A55.

“It made a couple of wide circles and then headed off towards the west.

“I stopped in a layby at Rhuallt to take a picture on my mobile phone.”

Tweeting a photograph Sandra Barford of Nefyn said: “Weird.. flying in circles over Pwllheli .”

She added the picture was taken at about 9.25am and it appeared there were two aircraft.

Three Hawk aircraft were airborne from RAF Valley this morning but their flight paths were further south and mostly overland although one was seen flying north towards the Isle of Man.

Aviation expert Tony Simpson said commercial aircraft circling is unusual suggesting the normal explanation is that there may be a technical problem and is put in a circular holding pattern while the pilots try and sort out the issue.

He added: “But it may be the aircraft is approaching a busy airport earlier than expected and is marking time further away than the usual holding areas.”

Mystery-vapour-trails (1)
Attribution: Vapour trails as seen from Rhuallt

The Mirror is one of the UK’s best selling newspapers. It has over 2 million likes on Facebook. A feat that is, at present, beyond independent media outlets.

As the general consensus within mainstream news is one of indignation towards the subject of Geoengineering or ‘Chemtrails’, what is curious about this story is the open ended way in which it was reported.

There were no definitive voices stating with confidence what the trails were. Standard protocol in dismissing the ‘Chemtrail’ explanation is to sight any trails in the sky as contrails. But this was not achieved in the article.

When it comes to debunking what is widely held as a conspiracy, reciting proven facts are not always a necessity. Decrying the idea and belittling those who believe in it as ‘tin foil hat wearing conspirators’ is a tried and tested method of discrediting both a theory and those who support it.

But it’s the comments section of the article that produces some enlightening conversation. Multiple people cite the trails as ‘Chemtrails’, others delve into the topic of Geoengineering, HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), Solar Radiation Management and Chemical Compositions such as aluminium and barium. All topics that are not considered for debate in the article itself.

One reader of the article in particular, however, said something particularly intriguing:

It would be great if you walked through the ‘D’ note slapped on this subject matter and actually do some real reporting about chemtrails, who, why, what and when.

Press coverage of this subject has been restricted to two avenues:

1) Render the whole suggestion of ‘Chemtrails’ a baseless conspiracy (we’re back to the tin foil hat wearing response).

2) Tout Geoengineering as a potentially dangerous but necessary action should humanity be unable to combat the perpetuated myth of C02 being the prime cause of climate change.

This blog can speculate on the likelihood of The Mirror and there counterparts understanding that Geoengineering is already an active program and has been for over 15 years. But because of the sensitive nature of it, and where it originates from (the military and government intelligence), it is a topic firmly off limits for active consideration.

Which makes it all the more surprising that The Mirror didn’t squash this story, that in the final paragraph they didn’t implant into people’s minds that the trails pictured were entirely likely to be contrails and nothing more. Given it is still only a small percentage of the world’s population that believe in Geoengineering, this reaffirmation of the contrail theory would surely have been met with approval by readers.

When you leave something open to question, it naturally encourages investigation. In this case, that is what The Mirror did. They didn’t broach the difficult subjects. But they left the path clear for others to explore. Type ‘mystery vapour trail’ into google and soon you will open yourself up to well researched and scientifically proven arguments.

Without question, The Mirror should be doing the job themselves and honouring their role as journalists. As activists, however, we have to start somewhere. And this is just one tiny step towards spreading the message to people who remain unaware.

What do you think of The Mirror’s story? Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you for reading.


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  1. Who wrote The Mirror article? Maybe it would be worth us all asking them their views and their editors views?


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