Weather Modification a baseless conspiracy? Not according to the US Federal Government

When you invent a new piece of technology, standard protocol is to patent it. You protect your creation from being copied and re-produced under a different guise by someone else.

The key aspect to remember is that patent’s can only be issued if the technology in question exists. They are not abstract. You cannot patent something which does not manifest in reality.

The American equivalent of the UK’s Intellectual Property Office in Newport, South Wales, is the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, Virginia.

Attribution: Wikipedia user ReubenGBrewer
Attribution: Wikipedia user Coolcaesar

This office is an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce. In other words, it is part of the US Federal Government.

Why is that important? On April 27th, 1920, patent number 1338343 was filed – Process and Apparatus for the Production of Intense Artificial Clouds, Fogs, or Mists. This was the first of over 120 patents that have been filed over the last 96 years. All pertaining to one critical area:

Weather Modification.

Artificially manipulating the weather is real. On November 13th, 2001, patent number 6315213 was issued – Method of Modifying Weather. This technology is to do with something called Cloud Seeding (established long before 2001), whereby rain clouds are broken down to release their precipitation over a designated area.


A very recent example of this came from Russia. To ensure the country’s May Day celebrations were not interrupted by rain this year, the government spent up to a million pounds to artificially seed the clouds. Using a combination of chemical agents (said to be Silver Iodide, Liquid Nitrogen and Dry Ice) sprayed on top of approaching rain clouds, they were able to ensure premature release of rain before the clouds could impact on the celebrations below.

Artificially changing the weather is central to the reality of what is termed Geoengineering. This is a topic that I will be developing on over the coming weeks to show how our climate is being both manipulated and poisoned by malevolent government agencies.

For the time being, though, let me introduce you to David Keith. David is Gordon McKay Professor of Applied Physics and Professor of Public Policy at Harvard’s John. A. Paulson school in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He produced a paper for PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) September 21st, 2010 edition (vol 107, no 38) titled, ‘Photophoretic Levitation of Engineered Aerosols for Geoengineering’.

The opening sentence of David’s paper is of huge significance:

‘Aerosols could be injected into the upper atmosphere to engineer the climate by scattering incident sunlight so as to produce a cooling tendency that may mitigate the risks posed by the accumulation of greenhouse gases.’

So, what can we conclude from that? Firstly, that the term ‘Geoengineering’ is not a conspiracy. It is rooted in fact. Secondly, David approaches geoengineering not from the standpoint that it is already happening, but from the accepted mainstream narrative on climate change. He is planting the seed that this technology could possibly be utilised one day in an effort to cool global temperatures.

And there’s a very good reason for why he has positioned geoengineering in this way. It is being primed as the weapon to fight climate change. A complete inversion of it’s intended purpose.

David Keith wants you to believe that geoengineering is a technology in development. A last resort which could potentially be deployed if the world’s population are coerced into believing not only the fallacy that CO2 alone is causing climate change, but also the belief that we as a species are losing the battle to prevent climate change from destroying the planet.

Step forward geoengineering. The artificial, chemically laced cure for our dying world.

It is what is known as an inversion. Because despite what David postulates, geoengineering is occurring now. Future blog posts will develop on this over the coming weeks.

What we can claim with absolute certainty is that weather modification is not a conspiracy or the product of a wild imagination. It is a fact.

120 + U.S. Patents are testament to that.

Thank you for reading.


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