Reawakening Our Childhood Wonder – Part One

Once the rule of law recognises you as entering Adulthood™, it is easy to neglect the realisation that only a few short years before we were part of something that strived to stimulate both our imaginations and, most crucially, our intrigue.

We, the fortunate ones, were enveloped in something called Childhood™. Now a memory to you and I. And, to our detriment, no less of a trademark or commodity.

There has never been a set definition for what childhood means to people, and nor should there be. It brings with it differing experiences, contrasting emotions, varying degrees of knowledge and wisdom. In essence, no one child is identical in nature. No boy or girl is fashioned from an assembly line. Unlike their indebted elders over time.

The one similarity a majority of children do share with each other, however, is in possessing an astute level of awareness. An awareness of their surroundings, of the images broadcast to their brains and transmitted through their eyes.

The eye is a window into our perceptions.

When a child observes something new, an entity that is strange or alien to them, they naturally raise questions about it. What does this thing do? Why is it there? When did it arrive? How did it get there? Who put it there?

Little if anything in a child’s life is accepted at face value. Let alone taken immediately as fact. Which is why there is nothing more dangerous and destructive than imposing the self-conditioned ways of the adult world into the hearts and minds of ours sons and daughters.

It is often remarked upon that children ask the most difficult of questions. Whereas an adult can spend minutes tying themselves up in knots through fear of being seen as politically ‘incorrect’, a child has no such fear. They will ask the question openly, honestly, and with the key ingredient.


So what question could a child ask today that would give their adult counterparts pause for thought? Remember – a child’s perceptions are largely formed through their five senses. And as limiting as they are, they remain the open door to a much wider breadth of discovery.

In part two of this article, we will explore through the eyes of a child what I believe to be the greatest crime currently being perpetrated on the world. The crime of Geo-engineering.

Thank you for reading.


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